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Mais uma breve passagem pelo mundo dos ralis para o Uncle Iberian, desta vez aterrámos na Marinha Grande para fotografar tudo à volta do Rallye Vidreiro 2011 (Open de Ralis), tudo menos os troços (mau planeamento – foi um erro da minha parte)… Só falta acrescentar que Armindo Araujo estava presente para tripular o carro “zero” (uma das viaturas de segurança). Aqui ficam las imágenes.

Iberian went rallying once again, this time in Marinha Grande for the Vidreiro Rally (“vidreiro” stands for “glassblower” – the city is known for its production of decorative glass items, etc.). Participants in this particular event are eligible for points in various Portuguese rally championships. A bloke called Armindo Araujo (driving the rallying equivalent of the safety car) was also present at the scene. Here are les photos.

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2 thoughts on “Rallye Vidreiro – Heart of Glass”

  1. Can’t understand the article but cool pictures though !

  2. It’s fairly easy to understand: I’m=Iberian + if you check my bio, you’ll notice I live in Central Portugal + Marinha Grande is a place in Central Portugal + I wrote two small paragraphs here (one in Portuguese and one in English) to explain where the piccies come from + you can always google the stuff I write + yep, I tend to explain myself via images when I’m in the mood.

    Moving to Armindo Araujo; he is a Portuguese drive in the WRC, he’s fairly known in the rallying world, so I felt no more explanations were needed. I’ll see if I can translate my thoughts better next time. Might seem a bit surreal for somebody who’s not familiar with my methods, hafta admit that. Sometimes I’m just too lazy to write proper blogs…

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