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Rally de Portugal Histórico 2015

Modalidade automobilística, em que se põe à prova a habilidade dos condutores e a resistência dos veículos / A long-distance race for motor vehicles over public roads or rough terrain, typically in several stages: Rally de Portugal Histórico Ano / Year: 2015 Inscritos / participants: AQUI/HERE […]

Warning: These Photos Have No Sound!

Event(o): Rally de Portugal Histórico 2013 Lugari (location, no?): Jardins do Casino Estoril Data (date): 08/10/2013 Link pix: aqui / yo, homies! jus’ click ‘ere (repsect, lil bro Lew) Lista de inscritos / participants: AQUI / ‘ERE

Rallye Vidreiro – Heart of Glass

Mais uma breve passagem pelo mundo dos ralis para o Uncle Iberian, desta vez aterrámos na Marinha Grande para fotografar tudo à volta do Rallye Vidreiro 2011 (Open de Ralis), tudo menos os troços (mau planeamento – foi um erro da minha parte)… Só falta acrescentar que Armindo […]

Something in the Noise

This morning I was picking my nose in a very unhygienic way and thinking about the so-called noise factor in motor racing. I came to the conclusion that I’m seriously obsessed with S2000 rally cars (like the Ford Fiesta S2000 or the Peugeot 207 S2000) […]

Photo by Iberian M.P.H.

Digging in the Dirt

Now that I’m locked inside me HQ because of the bad weather, it’s time to look back on me favourite racing event of this season: Rally TT VODAFONE Estoril – Marrakech which was a part of the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies. In […]

Selected Reports 2010

To check out Iberian’s selected reports from 2010 click on the link below. Iberian – Selected Reports 2010 PS Please note we suffered a major rebranding in 2012.