Year: 2011

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

Annus 2011 in Photus

Now’s the time to put together a gallery of my favourite pics from 2011 (click here) and I had to expand to 25 instead of 20 last year. Why not? Maybe next year it’ll be 30! Seriously, we had a great time in 2011; if […]

V de Very Nice: Estoril Blog

It’s that time of year again and Uncle Iberian knows exactly what it means: V de V Sports comes to town. Obviously (Schum’s favourite word), I’ve been to this wonderful event before, but happy to say I got it absolutely right at my 3rd attempt […]

V de Very Nice: Video Impressions

Here’s a small video from V de V 6 Hours of Estoril 2011: just follow this link. I’m working on the full picture gallery but it’s hard to chop some images I really like and can’t include due to my self-imposed limit of 50 best […]

Pleasures of Corporate Sponsorship in Formula 1

Not so long ago I penetrated Vodafone’s main offices in Lisbon in order to cancel my mobile broadband service (it was getting narrower and narrower) and was somewhat pleasantly surprised to discover a Formula 1 car (the shiny silver McLaren of course, Ferrari marketing people […]

Monsanto F1 Circuit Now and No Then

I’m exiled in Lisbon until the end of this year, not sure whether it’s a blessing in disguise or a curse; naturally, my curious mind led me to some interesting discoveries. I always knew about 1959 Monsanto F1 circuit’s remains right in the heart of Lisbon’s Monsanto […]

Serial Le Mans – Le Mans Series and Cereals

On the morning of September 25th 2011 I was lying in bed, motionless and snoring like a pig. I knew I had to wake up because engines were already roaring in Estoril, some 50 kms away from Uncle Iberian’s new (temporary) HQ. It wasn’t easy, you know, […]

Moving Pictures – Moved by LMS

Some video material from Le Mans Series was posted by your humble servant on your humble servant’s Vimeo page: Ferrari F458 Italia cars buzzing like angry beetles / General impressions from the main grandstand / Rebellion Racing’s rebellious engine noise – click HERE. The story is […]