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Entrevista: Juan Manuel Correa (GP3 Series), por Sergio Álvarez

All photos provided by GP3 Series Media Service. Durante nuestra anterior visita al paddock de GP3/F2 en Jerez, un veterano y prestigioso periodista (que responde a las iniciales P.D.W…) mostró su inequívoco interés por un recién llegado de nombre latino y nacionalidad estadounidense. Ni cortos ni […]

Jerez GP3/F2: Notes of the Observer

It is now eleven years ago when I first watched an F1 car running in front of my eyes, and I could hear the noise of a V8 engine; and it was in Jerez. However, to be honest, I have not paid attention to many […]

Forza Giuliano!

Text and images courtesy of Diego Merino. To most fans saying Monza means immediately thinking of Ferrari, however to some of us growing up with the sport during the 90s, the name takes our thoughts a step back in time to the era when V12 […]

#HungarianGP: Who Melted in the Hottest Event?

By: Sergio Álvarez Yes, we agree, there was no surprise at the Hungaroring. You could smell the final result even from the plantations of the countryside at Mogyorod, while you were approaching the track complex. The twisty Hungarian layout was going to suit the Ferrari […]

Haas Automation for the people: Santino ice-cream

Sergio’s Column: A Word with Santino

Oh Dear, how close they are in many senses, but how different is the Support Series’ world to that of Formula 1. In the latter, to interview a driver would require to pass a series of filters from press officers, Dircoms and an agenda full […]

Formula 2: You Too? Q&A With Didier Perrin

Before F2 returns to action in Barcelona, our guys, Tony and Diego, grill FIA Formula 2’s technical boss, Didier Perrin. This is part two of our GP3/F2 spring series of interviews. Diego Merino: Didier, let’s talk current F2 car. It’s 2011 car, rated as probably […]