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To most fans saying Monza means immediately thinking of Ferrari, however to some of us growing up with the sport during the 90s, the name takes our thoughts a step back in time to the era when V12 machinery from Maranello still roared, amidst loud air horns from the tifosi, cheering the name of the crowd’s hero, and number 27 Ferrari of Jean Alesi.

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Fan-friendly Jean Alesi

Twenty-five years on, F1 has changed so much, sadly no more Agip powered Ferrari V12s roar around Monza these days, nevertheless being the circuit such an open book to the sport’s heritage, one can still walk around and see the same concrete walls standing in place, with fading colours of Marlboro and some still reading the legend “Forza Alesi”.

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The spirit lives on

During the recent Italian Grand Prix, we had the chance to catch up with GP3 star, and Ferrari Academy driver, Giuliano Alesi, not only son of the legendary Ferrari driver, but now now making a name for himself after scoring three GP3 wins three Sundays in a row.

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Alesi name and helmet are back

Giuliano’s helmet design may be identical to that of his Dad, however this rising star is not only here to win, but to mark his own name in the hearts of the passionate tifosi.

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Keeping up with the Alesis in GP3

Following a difficult first GP3 season in 2016, this current campaign has been sweeter in terms of results, and now Giuliano has become one of the most promising young drivers on their way to Formula 1.

Iberian MPH: We are very happy to see you pushing so strong this second season in GP3, achieving very positive results, and claiming three Sunday sprint race victories in a row, hopefully claiming your fourth victory this weekend in Monza?

Giuliano Alesi: Of course, it’s always nice to win, always my objective, but my main objective and what I always keep in mind is always to get points, as many points as I can, even if that means finishing third or second. My principal aim is to score as many points, really good for the championship and also my hopes and it keeps me ready for the future.

IberianMPH: In terms of your results this GP3 season, it’s been a complete contrast between your first and difficult season and all your successes this year. Which have been the areas you have worked on and improved in order to achieve this?

GA: Last year I made many mistakes of my own, which I have learned a lot out of each and one of them. This is the reason why this year has been a much better season for me, with very little mistakes. But I still build myself on learning from little mistakes this year, and always try to work my best. The main difference between this year and last year is that the work has been more effective.

IberianMPH: Is part of this hard work, receiving more coaching in the Ferrari Academy and spending more time in the simulator in Maranello?

GA: We have been working a lot and spending a lot of time working and training in Maranello. The Academy has been supporting me a lot and my results this year are an extension of all the hard work.

IberianMPH: Racing in Monza, do you feel you gain extra tenths feeling the support of the tifosi?

GA: Well I hope so, the fans here are always give me a boost, I would say a big boost. This place is special and means a lot not only to me, but to Ferrari and my family. I know my Dad marked history at this track. However, I still keep in mind it’s always best not to overthink things and overload myself and keep in perspective the job I have to do. It is a very special moment for me.

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Our new blogger Paolo the Ferrarista is somewhere in that crowd

IberianMPH: Looking ahead to F2, have you seen the new car? What do you think about it?

GA: Yeah, the new F2 car is very nice, very modern and safe. It looks like a bigger version of the GP3 car. I definitely look forward to drive it in the near future!

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Alesi and Ferrari

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Alesi and Ferrari

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Alesi and Ferrari

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Alesi and GP3

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Alesi and Ferrari

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