You Must be Yoking! F2 Fun from Bahrain


Interviews by Sergio Álvarez; photos by Diego Merino; also feat. screen grabs from @FIA_F2

Bahrain… Those three magic words!

Its barren Bahraini landscape is more like Mars, methinks – and our keen bot readers will know how eager for and enthusiastic I am about the future Martian GP eventually taking place (at some point in time, but not in 2021, for sure). It’s a dream come true for Earth’s environmentalists = no oxygen, no CO2. I guess… Although I’m not a specialist when it comes to space exploration. This hotshot Spaceboy Musk is better informed than I am.

Anyhoo… It felt like the right moment to revisit and share with all of you our legacy 2017 photo gallery from the Kingdom. So I could back up my Martian look theory. It’s solid evidence, you know. Customer experience. Here at Iberianmph HQ we do not rely on Wikipedia (disculpe las molestias, Wikipedians), social media fakes or fake news.

Iberian mph dot com – it’s trust or bust!

Formula 2 comes to La Isla Bonita to decide who’s gonna lift the 2020 title. I kinda like Callum Ilott for the Drivers’ Trophy. Y’all remember that I can predict race results just like that, click-click-boum-boum. The Englishman didn’t disappoint in quali or as he bluntly put it, “I have some talent again!” Sensible bloke, likes to manipulate the press as well. I love it.

We was present virtually and digitally at the post-quali presser, Sergio that is.

I was sitting in a coffee shop in Lisbon city centre or should I say its once vibrant and now totally deserted old town centre. Can’t travel anyway, what the frunk/froot? SAD. WRONG. NO.

  1. Callum Ilott (UNI-Virtuosi)
  2. Felipe Drugovich (MP Motorsport)
  3. Dan Ticktum (DAMS)

Q: We saw on TV footage how you were given a bottle of water while you were stationary in the pits. Is it common practice or did you have some trouble with hydration today? Do you find yourself needing to hydrate even during quali?

CI: Um, I mean, it’s pretty hot out there, I just drank like anyone else. I think there’s many people who’d stop after their run and drink. I just don’t have a personalized bottle so I have to do it through the helmet and spill it all over myself!

DT: I mean it just quickly comes out of everywhere else, whatever you put in, you have to drink a bit more, innit. It’s common sense, it’s a bit warmer out there than it is in the UK or wherever.

Q: Imagine that you’re a Team Principal of a Formula 1 team and you have to pick two of your current colleagues for next year, which ones would you go for? You can’t include yourself.

DT: Myself! I’m joking. I dunno, I’d have to give that one a bit more thought, I’m not a Team Principal. I’d have to think.

Q: The two guys sitting next to you?

DT: Nah, definitely not! I mean, Callum is British, it’s nice.

Q: Felipe, would you be brave enough to pick up a driver like that for an F1 team?

FD: (Undecided.)

CI: Basically, the answer is the two sitting beside me, I think for all of us.

DT: It’s a very boring answer but yeah. Let’s just keep it that way.

CI: Unfortunaly, we’re not that controversial.

DT: Not that controversial?

CI: Even you’re not controversial enough!

Dem kids are alright.

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