Nuestra Charla: 28/06/2020


Oi muchachos, it’s Charla time!

So yeah, I don’t collect or own supercars, as you may well know, however I’ve been following Curated’s amazing work for some time now. I’m a self-confessed fan. Dem are proper passionate car guys, true car enthusiasts with a set of values instantly recognized by any petrolhead.

Big John Surtees’ namesake and Curated’s sort of like, um, frontman, John Temerian, puts out great videos to boot. You should totally subscribe.

One of their latest clips is dedicated to the Lamborghini factory c.1992 – wow, what a pure automotive delight from an era before smartphones and “social” networks.

Remember to delete your LinkedIn account! I did it a few months ago and it made all the difference in the world for me – there is a world of difference between being linked in and linked out; it set my spirit free, that’s the only way to be. That day was the day when I became at one with myself. Go on-a, press’a di button’a or as we say in Italy: le orecchie di coniglio sono come foglie di cavolo che sanno di insalata di orecchie di maiale con chianti.

Click on the screen grab below to watch the video. Watch it till the end. Feel the cathartic energy.

Isn’t it nice to see peeps act naturally, not having to check their bloody phones every five seconds to find out what’s reportedly “trending”. Ah, for millions of years, mankind lived just like animals, it was alright. Folks wouldn’t pop off on the spot because there was no internet around, they had other serious business to take care of: to actually enjoy life. Don’t you miss this nostalgic direct access?

V12 Lambos are freaking awesome, less modern Landos and more vintage Lambos please.

Which brings us a bit closer to our today’s subject: motorsport must decide who to cater for.

Whether you go exclusively with virtual boys and girls who get all excited because OMG, @F1 posted a funny meme a second ago #FOMO and don’t have a clue as to who Graham Hill was – correction, Graham Hill’s legacy is alive! Just ask Alonso. Or you cater for fans who are orgasming over Fangio’s 1957 Nürburgring drive. Alternatively, we can do both because social media junkies rarely spend money on the sport, while (let’s codename them) slightly older F1 fans will continue to invest into their long-time interest so long as the show doesn’t slip into leftist propaganda and brain-/greenwashing.

Igloos are great, but despite that I’m not a Canadian Inuit and I can’t find snow in Lisbon. That’s the problem. Dreaming up a cow with wings that can fly may well cost Liberty and the FIA its main product. It won’t fly, figuratively and literally. #JOMO

SG: Google search for "cow with wings"

SG: Google search for “cow with wings”

Admittedly, they might gain the attention and following of PC sycophants. For how long though? Should we train the fabled King of Beasts to build nests?

That’s what we’re about to find out.

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