Party in the BCN: Barcelona 2020 F1 Test, Day 1


And so it begins, the 2020 F1 season is here and now. Well, almost.

Reduced testing feels more like a “systems check” than proper testing – how it used to be. No more Luca Badoers or Allan McNishes these days… F1 teams are so good at testing and simulating (LOL) everything at the factory that all they need to go racing is simply a basic shakedown. Wonderful.

I’m positive we can bet on more or less the same outcome for the championship as last year. Honestly, what are we doing here? If Lewis and Merc don’t win yet another title, I’ll do anythig you want me to do: eat hair, drink my own urine or do as many naked runs as you wish.

These beautiful and exclusive photos (in color) are brought to you by Diego Merino (in association with Clarksport).

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