Reviewing Australian GP with GD, Part 3


In Formula 1 you’re obviously only as good as your last race… and my man Ricciardo will want to put this year’s Australian GP behind him. Not the fans/atmosphere (Aussie fans are amazing!), rather the race itself. But everyone is allowed one mental lapse per season.

I must confess Daniel ruined the race for me personally: I was SOOOO looking forward to his Renault debut to see what he can do in a different environment to Red Bull. Alas, he let me down down under.

I just hope I’ll have my Renault ball in Bahrain and DR will display his usual barnstorming turn of speed: there’s not much to hit off the racing line apart from sand.

Bahrain will be Renault-bodacious.

A quick note on Jolyon Palmer: turns out he was the only person in the paddock to bet on Bottas winning the race. Jolyon has the mind of a genius, then again you would expect a former F1 driver to know what the other guy is going through and how one’s inner SISU works. I bet you Lewis is spending his time before the Bahrain GP in Finland searching for the SISU-est SISU of them all with Kimi, perhaps? Does Kimi even need SISU?

Only time will tell.

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