Reviewing Australian GP with GD, Part 2


Part of the charm of the Australian GP has always been (at least for me) its cult status: for viewers in Europe it’s in the middle of the night which means you gotta be a hard-core petrolhead F1 fan to wake up at 4am and watch the roundy-roundy stuff.

But it’s the excitement of finally being able to catch cars and drivers in action (or drivers and cars – pick up your favourite order). With the benefit of social media, we can now get up close and personal with the sport’s main players, I wish TV could transmit smells because nothing beats the magical aroma of F1 cars’ exhaust. That’s my Chanel nº55!

Atypical track Melbourne may be, but it does set up the pattern for the season ahead, the first four races for sure.

2019 F1 cars seem to be rather tough beasts to tame with their new aero package, Pirelli tyres certainly throwing a spanner in the Ferrari and everybody else’s works.

However the season is so long these days that I’m positive the pecking order will change a couple of times between the season-opener down under and Abu Dhabi in December. Jesus! DE-freaking-CEMBER!

Welcome to NASCAR…

As always, these amazing photos sent to us by George Darwent are here for your viewing pleasure.

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