What Does Monza Mean to You? FIA Formula 2 and GP3 Drivers on Monza, by Diego Merino


Jake Hughes – ART GP3:

“The temple of speed is the first phrase that comes to mind. It’s the fastest we go all year. Having such high KPH it’s such a buzz to approach turn 1 and brake 100 meters from that speed. Its bumpy, it’s lot of old curves, it’s historic, we also have a lot of history here and it’s unbelievable. When I was a kid I used to dream of one day racing here, I remember coming here three years before I actually got to drive the track, and dreaming one day I will go into turn 1 on a race start. Today we are here in the wet and going into turn 1 will be very cool…”

Monza with Diego Merino (31)


George Russell – ART F2:

“I really enjoy coming to Monza often, it’s such a historic circuit and always produces great racing. I am very pleased to be racing here again and hopefully we can have a good result.”

ItalianGP by Diego Merino (12)

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Nyck de Vries – Prema F2:

“Monza has always been a very special place for me, I always spent a lot time here when I was younger. This is one of the few tracks that still has history, all the tracks of course have history, but here they have kept it in similar conditions as in the past, so it’s not very up to date as modern circuits. From that point of view its cool to come here, it’s the last European race of the year so it’s a nice place to come having all the passionate fans supporting.”

Monza with Diego Merino (12)


Nicholas Latifi – DAMS F2:

“For me it’s always very special coming here, obviously a lot of history around the track, known as the temple of speed, it has very high speeds in term with its long straights, you also run very low downforce so it makes the car quite tricky to drive as well. But I would say the thing I enjoy the most about it is the racing just because of the nature of the track, it’s always very close with the DRS, always makes very exciting racing and driving.”

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#ItalianGP by Diego Merino

Tatiana Calderón – Jenzer Motorsport GP3:

“I think Monza represents history. In addition, the speeds we go here are the fastest of the year and you need to balance the car very well with the aero. This year should the conditions should make it very interesting race and provide many opportunities to overtake. I quite enjoy being here in Monza.”

Monza with Diego Merino (32)


Arjun Maini – Trident F2:

“I think it’s massive to be at Monza because of all the history of racing here, and the tifosi here for me are the most passionate fans of the whole season. The track itself is the fastest of the year, also provides the most action. I am really looking forward.”

ItalianGP by Diego Merino (24)

#ItalianGP by Diego Merino

Julien Falchero – Arden GP3:

“Always very excited about being here, it’s such a fantastic race track, also the quickest one on the calendar, so it’s always cool to reach 300 kph and have so many sensations. I really like it a lot.”

Maximilian Günther – Arden F2:

“Being so historic, it’s always very special to be at Monza, it’s also extremely quick, the fastest of the whole year, providing many possibilities to overtake, everything is always possible and Monza always produces races that are always very exciting. The atmosphere is also fantastic, with all the tifosi supporting all the drivers. It’s just a super feeling being at Monza.”

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Tadasuke Makino – RUSSIAN TIME F2:

“This was my first time win in F2 and also European race, so this is really important for me. Yesterday during the Feature Race, we gambled and had a different strategy and won. Hopefully we can achieve another good result today during the Sprint Race.”

Monza with Diego Merino (46)


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