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How To Start A MotoVlog in 5 Easy Steps

Vlogging has taken us by storm in recent years and is quickly becoming a go to destination for those wanting to share their passions.  For almost every passion or hobby, there is a Vlog to go along with it. Just in the past few months I have seen Vlogs on traveling, cooking, design and even motorbike riding.

Vlogga on the button

Vlogga on the button

This last one really perked my interest as I am an avid rider. To be more precise, these motorbike Vlogs are actually called “MotoVlogs” which is very suiting. So maybe you are thinking about starting a MotoVlog but wondering how to get started. Well I’ve got you covered!

Step 1. Create a YouTube Channel

When it comes to people watching Vlogs, the place to go is YouTube. While YouTube is a great platform that allows you to upload video in HD or even 4K, what makes it so popular is the community surrounding it.

So the very first step is to create a YouTube channel with a catchy name that tells viewers what you channel is about.

Step 2. Layout What Type Of Videos You Want To Create

This is an essential step in my opinion that will give you a well structured YouTube channel and give you some great ideas at the same time. To find inspiration I would recommend going over to YouTube and watching other MotoVloggers. From here you can start to create a theme for you channel and videos that you would like to upload.

Step 3. Find The Right Equipment For Your Videos

Next up on this list is to find the appropriate equipment to create your videos. I am already assuming that you own all the safety gear and of course a motorbike. So now the only thing you need is an action camera which you can attach to your helmet or motorbike to capture all the action. You can check out these recommended cameras here for Vloggers.

Step 4. Edit and Upload Your Videos To YouTube

For me personally, this is one of my favourite things to do (apart from riding that is). In this step you get to compile all the awesome footage you have captured and create a kickass video. From here you have full creative control on which style you want your video from music, voice-over, edit transition, flow and so on.

Now the only thing to do is repeat this process and you will have a YouTube following in no time.

Step 5. Interact With The Community

Since I love motorbikes and MotoVlogs with a passion, it’s actually hard for me not to contribute to the community. However on many occasion I see people who upload video and then don’t interact with their viewers. While there is nothing wrong with this, if you want to grow your YouTube channel and reach out to like-minded people, this is an essential thing to partake in.

This wraps up my 5 step process on how to start a MotoVlog. Hopefully this guide has helped you better understand what it takes to get started on your journey. The only real other tip I can recommend is to just start. It’s likely your first video won’t be perfect, but that’s ok. They will get better in time.  Here are some more Vlogging ideas to help you get started.


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