Mexican DRS, Story by Diego Merino


Images by @DMerinoF1

Popular motor sport madness in Mexico never ceases to amaze us. Passionate race fans dangerously invading roads in the 50s were one of the factors why the legendary Carrera Panamericana was cancelled. However Aztec motor fever continued during 1963-70, when the Magdalena Mixuca staged F1 races. Popular trend then in Mexico City was having car wheels painted bright yellow, replicating those of Jim Clark’s Team Lotus.

Unfortunately, the event had to be cancelled after 1970, in the wake of a massive track invasion which took over the fences before the race began. Jacky Ickx won that day having drunks and dogs as his braking references.

With the rebirth of the Mexican F1 Grand Prix and local hero Sergio Perez, passionate motor racing fans are in full force again providing unique sights and sounds. To picture this; Saturday afternoon, while driving out of the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, I came across this modern home-made engineering marvel.

A Mexican interpretation of a rear end downforce rear wing device – DRS included. I would never question the road use legality of this home-made element, or the effective rear end downforce it might create. However, and above all I conclude its uniqueness and the creativity with which it is fixed to the rear of this Volkswagen Beetle.

Mexico has staged another amazing event, sadly boring races have now become a common trend in F1, nonetheless when racing in Mexico the spectacle is alive again, thanks to passionate race fans like these!

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