Quest to Become a Perfect Tifoso with GP2 and GP3


This year – and already next month! – our own Diego Merino (the legitimate proprietor of the header image) and Sergio Álvarez will be lucky enough to cover the Italian Grand Prix in Monza from the open environment of the GP2 and the adjacent GP3 paddocks.

We’ve consciously chosen both series over Formula 1 because you’ll probably remember our previous visits to Estoril and Valencia during pre-season testing and the amount of fun we’ve had so far following Formula 1’s support events. It’ll also give Diego and Sergio a solid chance to catch up with all our previous interviewees, plus get to know some new drivers better, while you, dear readers/followers, will no doubt reap the benefits of this motor racing adventure in the form of multiple photo galleries, interviews and stories from the legendary Italian track. Check out GP2 and GP3 official websites for post-race video content, highly recommended.

Obviously you’ll know that GP2 and GP3 hold two races over each weekend, which makes it even more exciting for the fans, with plenty of drama and high expectations for close racing. The cars are true thoroughbread racing cars with good balance between costs, technology and appeal to anyone who appreciates one of Hemingway’s three fave sports. #OMG #HemingwayWasGr8

Hybrid turbo Formula 1 naturally feeds on naturally aspirated GP2 and GP3 drivers these days, all you stats-for-nerds instagrammers out there will surely have more info more than we do. The beauty of this situation is that one can catch that rare moment when a driver is making a name for himself/herself, this is what Senna would call pure driving (aided by one’s marketability and ability to generate sponsorship money). And we like that, yay!

As for the track itself, it’s seen a bit of everything during the course of its monumental history: triumphs and tragedies, great champions and surprise winners on the podium (who were also great on that particular day), not to mention all generations of Formula 1 machinery. Pretty cool, huh? It’s the real thing, this Monza place. If you got it, like de Niro, you got it. If you ain’t got it (goes to some modern tracks who must remain nameless), you ain’t got it. Like Karl Marx’s beard to Tom Morello, Monza is the place to be for us.

Anyway, who better to explain the spirit of Monza than the mighty Jean Alesi (for those lucky bastards who witnessed him race in F1): click HERE since we can’t embed anything from F1’s YT channel. Special thanks to FOM for their lovely videos and hey, we want more features by Peter Windsor!

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