Year: 2016

Senna. Sintra. Saudade.

Diego Merino’s Senna replica helmet goes on parade around Estoril and Sintra, with a help from Sergio and Cyril. Full gallery and blog will follow soon. Hit F11 for better viewing experience.

Mass(a)ive moment, story by Sergio Álvarez

I feel overwhelmed when I think about it, but now it’s ten years since the first time I watched an F1 car live from a grandstand, and eight years since I attended my first Grand Prix. When I was a teenager, I regarded going to […]

Hissing Sid: Herbie Blash

Text and story by Diego Merino and Sergio Álvarez. Abu Dhabi was not only the last F1 appearance for three great star drivers like Jenson Button, Felipe Massa and Nico Rosberg. For us nostalgics, it also marked the end of an era with the retirement […]

Addio Paolo!

Sad news today with the passing away of Paolino Scaramelli – legendary nº1 Ferrari F1 mechanic, who prepared cars for Lauda and Villeneuve. Paolo was part of the myth, as he continued to work in Maranello until the late 90s, charged with preparing Schumacher test […]

Mexican DRS, Story by Diego Merino

Images by @DMerinoF1 Popular motor sport madness in Mexico never ceases to amaze us. Passionate race fans dangerously invading roads in the 50s were one of the factors why the legendary Carrera Panamericana was cancelled. However Aztec motor fever continued during 1963-70, when the Magdalena […]

Goodwood Revival, Reporte y Fotografía: Ian Skelton

Traducción al Castellano: Diego Merino. Cuando hablamos de carreras, también hay eventos, y el Goodwood Revival es sin duda el evento del motor del año. Este fantástico evento comparte mucho con el Silverstone Classic, celebrado todos los años durante el mes de Julio. Los clásicos […]