Onions, Alldays and Cascais Classic Motorshow


Last year yer fave Iberian Uncle was busy with other commitments and had subsequently missed the 2014 edition of the mighty Cascais Classic Motorshow, but this year we was determined to make it right. And so we did!

The oppressive sweltering late summer heat combined with wicked humidity levels was making us sweat BIG time; our new Sony Cyborg Shot camera was meanwhile overheating in our dirty sweaty hands, thus creating even more heat. Still, we persevered – camera to the eye. We reckon we endured more heat than F1’s MGU-H has to deal with! We’re talking about melting diamonds and interstellar overdrive stuff here.

See? I suffered for you!

The show was good, the show was great: we were treated to such rare gems as Panhard and Levassor, the first car imported into Portugal 120 years ago and owned by Conde de Avilez, with its impressive 4 bhp engine and a top speed of 20 kph. We know, don’t laugh.

We also spotted a beautiful vintage (obviously!) 1938 Bugatti Type 57C Atalante, just look at those lines

Bugatti 57C Atalante

A screen grab from from http://museu-caramulo.net/

We’ll be honest with you: this is all we needed to see on that day, other cars on display simply didn’t exist for us after we’d laid our eyes on the Bugatti. Forget connected cars and hybrids, plastic and carbon – this is it. This is the girl. Pure, exciting, original. Can’t afford to own one though, there’s downside to everything – aargh!

The British invasion was represented by the Donnie Darko uber-cool Alvis (pictured below) and the best sounding automotive brand ever: Birmingham and London Alldays and Onions Co Ltd, established in 1650, went out of business circa 1918, at least that’s what Wikipedia says. Gotta trust Wikipedia on this one, I wasn’t around in 1650 or 1918. Onions was a dude by the way, nothing to do with looking through a glass onion. Onions all days (despite containing vitamins or whatever) are not perfect for your breath I reckon, they should’ve tried Milkman and Yogurt, the name is much sweeter than Onions. I’m slightly biased I guess, I prefer yogurt to onions.

We also spent quite a bit of time licking this amazing Chevy with our new Sony camera. How come old Chevys taste so good? Just like a yogurt should?

The rest, as they say, is history.

For full gallery, please click HERE.

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