One 4 the Tom-tom Club


As I’m wearing my fuzz and kickers, I’m starting to slowly realize it’s not summer any more.

It’s gone. Forever!

But not gone and here with us are my massively score articles produced exclusively for Motorsport Illustrated News’ readers and, since MIN followed the summer’s example, I can post them massive articles in their entirety right here on

Formula 1 feature – click HERE

GP3 Series feature – click HERE

Yes, yer humble servant was swingin’ on the flippity-flop in his wack-slacks and plats in the paddocks around the Iberian Peninsula just to bring you, the tom-tom club of cob nobblers and lamestains, a bit of insider knowledge from the worlds of F1 and GP3.

To dim, but not extinguish thee, while you’re bound-and-hagged (it’s a harsh realm, I know), I also took some amazing pics to complement my superb writing (90% of which I don’t remember). I’m not saying I’m totally bloated, like a big bag of bloatation, I’m still quite a dish at my age. Along with my less famous twin brother, we provide double dishing at wild parties (coming to a racing circuit near you).

Rock on.

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