Carl In; Dill, Man(n); Gel, A. El – WSR 2015 in 2014?


As I was sipping on me dobby bica with knives, dear droogies, in a local cafe, my malenky glazz spotted a short tweet in me timeline that would interessovat me so much that I quoted it.

The Tweet

My gulliver filled with radosty: the tweet announced that the mighty creeching Dallara World Series by Renault car (Carlin are back!) would be flexing its muscles at my local racing track and I could actually slooshy it from the main grandstand.

How sladky is that?

I heard this gromky collocol ringing in my mozg once again… I had to be there and take some pics with my cal camera.

The moment I disembarked my non-Uber taxi cab in the vicinity of the aforementioned race track, I could REALLY slooshy this awesome shoom! The creeching V8s!!! All those 530 wild horses were neighing like crazy! Wot a zvook! I was feeling totally choodessny: this is why I do wot I do, to get that special unequalled buzz from fast, loud and fierce racing cars – and I don’t mean merzky-gloopy-oozhassny-vonny-grazhny 2014 Formula 1 dicks on wheels and their power(less) units.

Zytek engines would govoreet to me big time with their goloss: in my turn, I had no time to waste and started taking pics as fast as I could. It was not an easy task, droogies, because the wind was blowing like in the general direction of my precious litso, one of those strack hounds of winter that Sintra and Estoril area are famous for. I was nearly gone with the wind, still I persevered.

One veshch I could instantly viddy was the shlem of one of the drivers who would yeckate: the colours don’t lie, of course it was me personal favourite, Tom Dillmann, and smot, molodoy drivers and starry drivers, – this is the importance of having a recognizable helmet design!

Tom is not a bugatty driver with a lot of deng, so jeezny hasn’t been treating him horrorshow. He’s definitely got the yarbles to make it to the top – the ability as well, he’s pretty skorry and is always fun to watch. I’d skazat he’s a bit like my homie, Pastor, albeit much faster. It’s a damn shame Tom is not on the F1 grid (of silent cars). I mean those steering inputs are quite spectacular, aren’t zei?

Then I had odin of my usual surreal conversations with some bezoomy ded at the track (not dissimilar from my previous GP3/F3 incident): the ded was seeing proper race cars for the first time in his life, so he kept telling me how much he liked the gromky zvook coming from these “Formula 1” cars and their violent gear changes. It was hopeless: the ded was too starry to pony wot WSR stands for.

As for lap times, Twitter helped me out once again.

Lap Times

Lap Times

You can now viddy all my photos from the test by clicking HERE

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