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12 Things Likely to Happen in 2012


Last year my prediction skills were put to the test… by me and I got one thing right: Nick Heidfeld remained Nick Heidfeld. Although one must disappointingly admit Jérôme d’Ambrosio’s P24 in the championship standings with 0 (zero) points was a major blow for one’s pride. I didn’t do any naked runs though and that’s a bonus.

In 2012 I’ll get it right, I’m sure, so here we go.

  1. Scuderia Ferrari will hire Fake Fernando Alonso to do their PR work and replace Luca Colajanni.
  2. Michael Schumacher will get himself a new job (as illustrated below).
  3. Lewis Hamilton may win his second title.
  4. HRT will disappear from the Formula 1 grid.
  5. I won’t get a job in F1. No way!
  6. Force India coffee will taste good.
  7. I’ll get to 100,000 followers on Twitter (05/09/2012 – just chopped me twitter account, this one won’t happen!).
  8. Let’s move on to WRC now – Loeb is going to win his 9th title. I’ll be very depressed if he does so!
  9. Lada will finish on the podium in Estoril; that’s WTCC territory.
  10. Rubens Barrichello will replace Bernie Ecclestone.
  11. Bernie Ecclestone will replace Durão Barroso at the European Commission.
  12. This blog post will be read by 12 people 12 times.

PS No offence if you were by any chance offended. It’s a bit of a tradition to start the year off in a joking fashion on the blog.

Schum is quick... with gardening tools!
Schum is quick… with gardening tools!
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