My Bad Mofo



OK, it’s more than obvious that my previous post had nothing to do with reality – Schumacher will continue racing in Formula 1 until the end of 2030!

Next week I’ll be back with my usual heavy philosophical stuff and more pics/videos. I’m quite surprised this fabricated Schumi story got more views than anything else I’ve ever posted before. There was (a bit of) a shameless plug on James Allen’s (fantastic) F1 blog from your humble servant, dunno what’s happened there – I normally don’t do this type of thing, I’m not interested in too much attention. I should be more careful next time, I won’t cr#p out (using Iggy Pop’s language).

I’d just like to attach a piccie of my own Bad Motherf#cker here (I know it should be “Bad Mother F#cker” but I prefer the script version) – it’s been an endless source of inspiration for me!

My Bad Mofo
My Bad Mofo

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