Britannia Metal


I think I got seriously lucky with ACP’s Classic British Sports Cars event (originally called “Passeio dos Desportivos Ingleses”) which took place in the small town of Batalha in central Portugal. I have to admit I’m not really familiar with the whole British car industry thing – I’m a slightly Frenchified guy when it comes to cars – so I knew I’d be having a shocker in a good way.

Probably the best looking car that entertained the crowd was the yellow Lotus Elan; it’s odd because when you think Britain – you instantly think British Racing Green. I suppose Lotus has got a somewhat subtle appeal, it’s less aggressive than Ferrari or Porsche but more humane and civilized. Maybe their new car range will join The Piranha Club…

Of course, the rain had to intervene a couple of times to spoil the party; the sun (tabloid)eventually came out for the last part of the demonstration runs or rather timed laps around an improvised track; as it happens, I took this opportunity to produce yet another customary self-portrait. Then (just like everybody else around me) I decided to call it a day and headed towards one of the local user-friendly coffee shops in the hope of getting my daily dose of alkaloid stimulant in coffee beans (aka caffeine) and calories.

I’ll leave you with some photos. Bye-bye.

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