RF1 Roadshow - Then and Now

RF1 Roadshow – Then and Now (Wot’s Next?)


Yeah, my quest for truth has taken me to the centre of Lisboa (also known as “Lisbon”) this week where I had a lovely chat with a couple of local bureaucrats who managed to demonstrate to me that without them I’m nothing. In the process I found myself wandering up and down Av. da Liberdade –  the famous setting for Renault’s F1 Roadshow from late 2008.

“I remembered something! I remembered something!” one of David Lynch’s characters would say. I did remember a lot too about the event in question (enough to create a video later on).

In fact, I truly realized (for the first time) RF1 team was no more but what would happen to Renault’s Roadshow programme? Will Lotus Renault GP entertain the crowd in 2011 and beyond? Can we expect a repeat of Lisboa Roadshow and why are there no F1 cars in sight at the moment? I was feeling slightly depressed and stoned out of my mind (because I got 1 hour of sleep the night before) so I entered the nearest coffee shop and had 20 espressos to drown my sorrows (quite frankly I was starting to lose my grip on things).

Obviously good old Av. da Liberdade didn’t look/feel the same without F1 machinery/V8 noise; even Botero’s Maternidade lady was looking away in shame.

Please bigwigs from Lotus Renault GP, bring F1 back to Lisbon, make my day!

RF1 Roadshow - Then and Now

RF1 Roadshow – Then and Now

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