Photo by Iberian M.P.H.

(Eccle)Stone Free


Yeah, me little droogies, I’m bored to death with X-Massa and Nu Ear celebrations – life without (watching) racing is hell. However, here at Iberian offices we weren’t wasting our time and next month we’ll be ready to rock at various circuits. Cameras are recharging their batteries; Iberian-mobile was fitted with new bits and pieces in order to cope with long journeys in 2011.

Naturally, we’ll be limited in terms of cash but as inventive as ever so expect more stylish madness (if I may say so). (Eccle)stone free to do what I please…

Let me tell you one thing: I think it’s not natural that we have kids racing in Formula 1. To quote JYS, “23 was the age when I started to race racing cars and he (Vettel) is the world champion at 23.” I won’t be concentrating too much on F1 next year because I can’t afford travelling to F1-related events; well, a visit to Jerez winter testing might be a good idea but otherwise I think WRC and Le Mans Series will be something more exciting for me to photograph.

I’ll leave you with a piccie of SV during one of his track walks. I’m placing my bet on Webber to win the title in 2011 – I know I did the same this year and lost in the end. Second time lucky?

Photo by Uncle Iberian

Photo by Uncle Iberian

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