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WRC In Lisbon – It’s On!

Lisboa, 29/03/2012. Driver portraits/fotos de pilotos – click here/clicar aqui. Atmosphere and action shots/ambiente e a(c)ção em pista: click here/clicar aqui.

More on le WRC

Oui-oui, my dear little droogies, let’s expand a bit on le subject of the WRC and Rally de Portugal in particular. Just like last year (with Porto Roadshow), I only had time (well, talk about ze pressures of being able to combine le job with […]

Urban Pocket Rockets – WRC in Lisbon

We was in the city of Lisbon (also known as Lisboa) yesterday to watch the opening superspecial of the Rally of  Portugal (also known as Rally de Portugal). Despite some initial difficulties caused by the strike of the local metro workers and having to pay […]