Urban Pocket Rockets – WRC in Lisbon


We was in the city of Lisbon (also known as Lisboa) yesterday to watch the opening superspecial of the Rally of  Portugal (also known as Rally de Portugal). Despite some initial difficulties caused by the strike of the local metro workers and having to pay an outrageous sum of money for a taxi ride, we made it! Unfortunately, it’s not possible for us to attend the main event in Algarve where the cars and drivers can be seen in their natural habitat.

Once again, the WRC proved to be a truly user-friendly championship on many levels. A special thank you to M-Sport’s Rachel Cavers for being very nice and helping me with the autograph (it was probably a mistake on my part not to join the queue a bit earlier, got carried away with pics as usual). Really cool that you can chat with the WRC people without somebody’s recommendation first, etc., it’s been good fun.

I’ll write a proper blog entry later on but in the meantime check out some pics below.

Urbi et Orbi Rally Championship – I’m loving it!

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