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Vintage Iberianmph: #WhereAreTheyNow

One of the nicest interviews I ever did in F1 was with CSC (also known as “DXC Technology” these days) during their initial stint with Virgin Racing: I just emailed some random questions and they replied back with written answers. Perfecto. I did a tiny […]

Gearin’ Up 4 Jerez

Aloha, children of the night! We’re gearing up for Jerez once again – can’t afford flying to Abu D’s and B-reigns anyway. We was going thru our extensive picturesque pictorial picture archive from Jerez, yes, and we’d like to share our fondest memories of this […]

GO Jérôme!

11 Things Likely 2 Happen in 2011

U2 will record a version of “Where the Streets Have No Name” called “Where the Teams Have No Name” especially for Tony Fernandes. Jérôme d’Ambrosio will score points in 2011 for MVR (I’ll eat my hair or run around any circuit in Spain or Portugal […]