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Spanish Massage, Part 7

“Spiritual awakening” – how’s that for a short description of the Jerez Formula 1 test? Yes, while Formula 1 teams and drivers are busy practising esalen massage at the second official pre-season test of the 2015 in Barcelona, we’ll look back at Jerez, albeit with […]

Spanish Massage, Part 1

Things happen for no reason at all, sometimes they don’t happen at all. Maybe they happen for a reason after all… “redaction” has just been informed that it will be travelling to Jerez Formula 1 happening, or as my Oxford dictionary puts it, “altogether […]

F1 Guernica – Jerez Testing Blog

It’s not very often that you admit to yourself, especially as a long-time F1 fan, that you’re not looking forward to winter testing with full-on media paddock pass on offer. I wasn’t looking forward to Jerez testing but I had a job to do for […]

Jerez F1 Testing Pics, Day 3, Track Shots

As promised, day 3 action pics posted on day 4 (sort of); perhaps, I should mention that with arrival of F. Alonso it was fairly tricky to move around due to enormous crowds and security guards blocked or at least tried to block all the […]

Lotus F1 Team Gallery From Jerez

It’s become a bit of a good tradition for Uncle Iberian to produce Enstone-related galleries from F1 testing and races; despite total absense of the team blog or fan site in 2012, we took the liberty of producing yet another gallery – click here to […]

Jerez F1 Testing Pics, Day 3, Paddock Shots

Atmosphere in the paddock – for your eyes only. It was difficult to produce anything new; in fact, nothing’s changed since 2011 – at best the Renault motorhome is now called Lotus and team garages were distributed slightly differently. No Marussia F1 unfortunately, I liked […]

Jerez F1 Testing Pics, Day 2

I tried a different approach today with some new shooting spots. Pics from day 3 will be posted on day 4 and I’m not staying in Jerez for the final day (unfortunately!). It’s been good fun here under the sunny skies. I think 2012 cars […]