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It’s dark, it’s December, it’s time to remember some of our occasional visits to race tracks or rallies c. 2015. We started off with a short visit to Formula 1 winter testing in the green hills of Jerez; this year’s cars weren’t particularly impressive to […]


02/12/2012: Uncle Iberian catches DTM teams with their pants down in Estoril paddock. Or is it the other way around? DTM catches Uncle Iberian with his pants down and camera up? Anyway, we’ll keep an eye on how things develop. Hear some noise. See the […]

Guest Post: A Day at the Races

Second DTM round, Zandvoort, Holland The DTM circus visited Holland for the tenth time last weekend, and since the weather was fine I decided to go and check it out together with my 6 year old son. Compared to F1, the ticket prices are very […]