Exclusive: Formula 1 Exhibition in Madrid, by Diego Merino


All photos are courtesy of Diego Merino.

@dmerinof1 had the privilege of being invited to the grand opening of the Formula 1 Exhibition in Madrid (with special thanks to Peter Windsor, the man behind this fantastic idea) – you can click here to check out the exhibition’s official website and learn more about it.

Here’s what DM had to say.

This awesome display of F1 gorgeousness is hard to judge visually because the exhibition is about 80% presented through an audio guide, having commentary and interviews conducted by Peter Windsor.

Sweet F1 music to our ears

Many items come from Peter’s personal collection, like this bottle of podium champagne, or Mansell’s sidepod from Silverstone 1992. The crack at the back being consequence of running over a spectator during the victory lap… With spectator safety being marginal and enthusiasm more direct, shall we say.

Being such an intense audiovisual experience, it’s highly recommended. Don’t miss your opportunity, folks.

SD was also present.

As a special footnote from the editor, the most impressive bit going on here has got to be Grosjean’s crashed car from Bahrain in 2020. I mean, you can clearly spot where his foot got stuck and it’s just a testimony to modern F1 safety. Without the ugly HALO, we’d be staring at the repeat of Cevert’s situation. Let’s be honest, motorsport is dangerous, however the romantic side of going motor racing doesn’t need to be as morbid as Giulio Cabianca vs Autodromo di Modena.

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