Nuestra Charla Revived: Aero Sushi, The Best of F1 Action in 2022


Hullo and welcome, chaps.

To Nuestra Charla reloaded.

It’s a segment where we just bang on about stuff and today I desire to talk sushi. And Yuki.

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While on-track action has been somewhat limited this year in F1 (alright, alright, the USGP was pretty decent, I admit it), not to degrade Liberty’s PC efforts and Leclerc’s impressive kurtcobain-esque team radio screams, racing in 2022 is a bit better than before, okay, I’ll give them that.

I totally agree with that: the best thing you can do. Screen grab via:

I reckon F1 marketing peeps have been hard at it, reinventing the definition of sushi in AlphaTauri’s case. I’ve been totally mesmerized by the cosmic flow of this video: aero sushi, Pierre’s words of wisdom to Yuki, the beautifully coordinated dance of chopsticks.

Why can’t Formula 1 races be like that?! Red Flag, Red Bull, sushi, sake. The power of edomae chirashizushi.

Simply the best!
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