The Only Driver Yet to Score, What Are You Even Doing This For? The Junior Conundrum in Barcelona (FIA F2/F3)


Header image by Diego Merino. Poetry by Alex Albon.

Indeed, I am sat in my old rocking chair, rocking all the way to the Moon and back, checking out the drivers’ standings of the FIA F3 Championship and one uncomfortable thought clearly springs to mind: there’s one, two, three, four five … fourteen drivers yet to score this year.

At the top of the pile we are contemplating Victor Martins (by virtue of his cosistency and French grit aided by angry American rap music, as it turns out) who I reckon is the new David Coulthard on the racing block.

But the guy who impressed me the most has got to be Isack Hadjar and he’s my pick for the title, no kidding. Arguably a wee bit wet behind the ears, Le Petit Isack drove beautifully in the two opening rounds and did so in an almost Prost-esque manner; he shares the same accent with The Professor, a nearly identical bent nose, plus he’s part of the Red Bull YD/Jr programme stable for promising motorsport (Lusitano?) stallions and Dr Marko (a qualified orthodontist) rarely gets it wrong.

I have high hopes for Barcelona Turn One, but let’s pray they’ll all get through there cleanly and there won’t be much bulldozing as per 2021 races.


Feel free to check out our Barcelona F3 posts from 2021 to get into the spirit of things.

In the F2 camp, there’s a bit of a problem in 2022 and this problem is called F1 because it’s no longer a Mercedes 1-2 in qualy and on Sunday, suddenly you have a bunch of exciting drivers gunning for the win like crazy (a lot of them of F2 and GP2 fame); I’ll hand it to Liberty – they’re blooming bloody good at PR and warming up the interest, I’d say, all across the board of the F1 fan panorama (wow, I’m shooting fancy phrases today left, right, and center).

I don’t mean it in a bad way when I tweet to Elon Musk “F2, you got a problem”: you know there’s a vintage year when you have guys like Norris, Albon and Russell and boom! They’re all racing in F1 next. As of 2022 (Jesus! why can’t we all get permanently V10 stuck in 1999?), one probably has to concentrate on Théo Pourchaire (vinho verde) in the first place, followed closely by Liam Lawson’s fizzy drink efforts. My honourable mentions go out to the hard working F2 peeps like Verschoor and Boschung (LBV, late bottled vintage), while for the prodigal sons in the shape of Vips and Armstrong 2022 is the proverbial make or break situation, I’m amazed at their bad luck and pretty meagre haul of points so far.

Drugovich is in the zone this season and sits in P2 before Barcelona thanks to his mighty impressive consistent points scoring (that works out at 50 pts), breathing down Pourchaire’s neck, the Frenchman currently at the top of the championship table on 52 pts. But which will be which in what position after round 4? Well, we’re about to find out!

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