Racing Legends, Circuito de Ricardo Tormo, Valencia, by Tony Hall


I headed straight for the loudest noise I could find in the garages.

Racing Legends Event 5 – 6 March 2022
Circuito de Ricardo Tormo, Valencia

What can I say, it is great to be back again trackside at the Circuito de Ricardo Tormo, Valencia. It has been a dreadful time due to Covid 19 for racing fans and participants alike. Last year’s Racing Legends event was cancelled due to the restrictions but this weekend has made up for it.

This is my fourth time here for this event and again it did not let me or the many fans and families down. Lots of attractions in the paddock area for the families and trackside a lot of laps for the riders (or drivers) either learning the track, qualifying or racing.

From the outset let me apologize. I usually have my trusted Nikon D40x with me to take the photographs but the night before leaving and checking all was okay with my equipment I found that the camera was broken inside. I must have taken thousands of photographs with it and many will be found here on Iberianmph. Never to give in I had only one option and that was my mobile telephone and something which I have never relied upon for my trackside pictures.

The weather at the circuit was overcast but dry and that was good. I was hoping it would stay that way and it did. I headed straight for the loudest noise I could find in the garages. It was 9.00am and the mechanics were preparing the riders’ machines.

In my previous reports on this event I have mentioned the vast variety of racing machines that were present, some going back to the mid 1950s but still running as strong today as they did then. I think every motorcycle manufacturer was represented at this event. Therefore I do not intend to list them all (please see my pics by clicking HERE).

Also I have to mention the riders of these great machines. If I had to guess an average age I would say sixty years. Having said that some of the riders were in their seventies, not that it is a problem because so am I. Once they have their leathers and helmets on and the engine of their bike is revving they are like me, just a kid on a bike (believe me I mean it).

This year’s event saw recognition of Sete Gibernau, a Spanish rider and nine times 500cc MotoGP race winner and grandson of the founder of Bultaco motorcycle company. Sete’s career spanned between 1992 and 2009. He raced alongside such greats as Mick Doohan, Alex Criville, Valentino Rossi and many more. As part of this year’s event we got to see Sete ride a MotoGP Suzuki 500cc and a Ducati which was one of the last bikes he raced before retiring. In his honour we saw him put his hands in the wet cement in the Circuito de Ricardo Tormo’s ‘Walk of Fame’. Iberianmph were present at the first event here in 2019 with Regis Laconi.

Sete literally cemented his MotoGP reputation!

As I have said before this event is based all around enthusiasts of racing, some on four wheels and some on two. Age did not matter, come what may man and machine were going to hit the tacmac and as fast as the two could manage. Remember we are talking about motorcycles up to 60 years old, some not so much but still relics from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

In every garage mechanics were preparing the machines, draining oil, changing clutches, repairing whatever required fixing and again in most cases these mechanics were the age of the riders. I have to say I have the greatest admiration for all these participants. Age did not enter into the equation, they were here to ride the machine or make sure it was able to be ridden.

It was only when I attended the paddock signing of the Legends I saw that another great rider from bygone years was present, Carlos Lavado, 65 years young and always with a smile. A Venezualan, he raced in 15 seasons of Grand Prix racing between 1978 and 1992 winning the 250cc class in 1983 and 1986 riding for Yamaha.

Besides the classic and legend motorcycles that were present we also saw the ESBK series which as most of you will know are the SuperBikes, yep the big boys. Fast and loud.

I must not forget to mention the four wheeled classics who also put their vehicles through their paces on the track. A lot of fun for the drivers I am sure.

Nice wheels!

Now let’s not forget what we oldies want when we go to the race track and that is noise, smell and fun and this event provided all of that. I came home smelling of my favorite fragrance: Castrol Racing oil and saw the screaming machines that went past the pit wall.

I never want it to end, forget electric.

As before I much appreciate the hospitality of the Circuito de Ricardo Tormo for giving the opportunity to be a part of this great event. Hopefully up next will be the EuroNascar (which reminds me I must get my camera repaired).


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