Gr8st Hits 4 My Peeps: 2021 on Iberianmph


What’s cooking, peeps? It’s time for a quick recap of 2021 on Iberianmph dot com.

First off, we obviously couldn’t travel a lot, hence only a couple of features from the race track: Tony’s mighty EURO Nascar story, Alejo’s magnificent Goodwood report and my own customary insane Estoril Classics time travel feature, which wouldn’t have been possible without Nick Padmore’s divine intervention.

We’ve been able to bring you some exclusives from the pressure cooker world of the FIA Formula 2: and also its smaller sister, the FIA Formula 3:

Special thanks should go to F2/F3 organizers for making us a part of virtual pressers and Sergio’s stamina to deal with time zones and computers. I’m sure you loved Diego’s photos as well.

With F2, we kind of knew well before the first race even took place that Piastri is gonna be crowned champion in Abu Dhabi – and so he did. Just head and shoulders above the rest, good man. F3 felt a bit more open, however Hauger was the runaway leader and had the mental edge over his wet behind the balaclava peers. I suggest you scroll through the posts to make up your mind on who was cool and who will go back to school next year after not hitting their targets in 2021.

With F1, it’s been such a controversial season that honestly we wanted to stay away from the nasty palaver. Indeed, if they could possibly split the trophy in half…

We’ll see you in 2022, boosted by the 3rd dose of Pfizer and we’re half way there, no. On a wing and a prayer.

PS The biggest surprise of all came in form of our rather unexpected YouTube success. I still can’t figure out why this video got so many hits (by our standards).

Fledgling Youtubers at Iberianmph: learning to vid upside down
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