FIA F2: Ticktum’s Unticked 6 Tenths Conundrum (With Photo Evidence to Prove it)


Interviews by Sergio Álvarez; photos by Diego Merino.

Should your cast your eyes over the FIA F2 Sprint Race 2 results from Silverstone, you’ll find Carlin’s Dan Ticktum in P3. You’d also find him at the official post-race press conference if you were there and then, where, coincidentally, you’d encounter Sergio’s virtual/digital figure as well.

Asked Sergio, he asked Dan: “On the final lap you were six tenths slower than Marcus (Armstrong, P2), did you decide to settle on the 3rd place instead and just bring the car home?”

DT: “Not sure that’s entirely accurate.”

dan’s last lap conundrum (screen grab via fia formula 2)

“I think in the last three laps I was actually very close to him. I think there was maybe sort of 5-6 laps towards the end I backed off a little bit to try and cool the surface of the rears down a little bit so that I could maybe come at him again towards the end. But I think on the very last lap was the closest I got so at no point throughout that race was I thinking ‘bring it home’, I was thinking ‘let’s just send it’, to be honest. Unfortunately, I never got close enough. Yeah, good points though.”

The jury is still out on the lap time delta tho…

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