FIA F3, #SpanishGP, Friday: What Happened in Barcelona and How Does That Stack Up Against Our Predictions From Yesterday


Interviews by Sergio Álvarez; header image and photos by Diego Merino.

Yesterday I said Vesti FTW and he’s P5; I didn’t say Dennis Hauger, mea culpa. But I did get Alpine Academy right!

Just don’t mention Jack Doohan, at least we spoke about brothers racing in MotoGP, you can see I was about to touch on JD.

It’s only Friday though, as Kimi would often tell you. You gotta cross the line first on Sunday, otherwise you’re last in P2. In F1 analogy that’s Saturday-Sunday, however they’ll go to Saturday school of qualifying races soon. Kimi will tell you Friday is now no less important.

With F3, Saturday sprint races are there to score some extra points and we are looking forward to it, just as well. No doubt.

And so the bass dropped at the presser, mix master TC_F1 on the ones and twos. Tom Clarkson, F1.

Going back to Victor Martins (Formula Renault Eurocup 2020 Champion), we asked the flying Frenchman with a Portuguese-sounding name about a bunch of lessons he learned from his first official Formula 3 qualifying session. How did it feel?

Said VM: “Um, I think it’s to not expect that much on the first runs because you have a lot of fuel.

VM’s #17 Alpine Dallara hiding in the background: nice colours, mate!

“There’s a lot of cars on the track so you need to stay calm and just, again, take some experience on the track, feel that balance with the car to give some really good info to the team (well done to MP Motorsport, by the way) to then, on the last run, to just have the perfect balance and put all the lap together.

“Just staying calm and confident and yeah, with a good mindset and try to deliver that lap again.”

What about our polesitter, Dennis Hauger: pole ain’t a bad place to be for Sunday’s main race, but what about his goals for the season ahead? What did Helmut say would be acceptable for a Red Bull junior driver?

Spoke Dennis in his best Petter Solberg voice: “Yeah, I think obviously this year is gonna be important and I feel quite comfortable with the team (who wouldn’t with the mighty PREMA!) and we can work well with each other.

Pole Number One

“So we just have to keep pushing this season and with a new format, obviously, it makes it interesting and I think it’ll show the maturity of the drivers more, for the championship as well, because it’s gonna be a lot more reversed grids.

“Gotta keep the stability during the season.”

The stability then.

Tune in next week to hear more from Victor and Jack, Iberianmph exclusive.

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