You know what time is it? Well, no, ze auto can remain 100% pimped, no need to unpimp your Hyundai iWhatever.

It’s time to unleash the 12th Grand Prix de Monaco Historique or 12e Grand Prix de Monaco Historique.

Screen grab acm.mc

Our observant readers will, no doubt, remember Tony’s adventures on the fashionable, Rosberg- & Leclerc-populated streets of the Principality, not literally, he was, like, behind the safety barriers and all, protection, helmet on, rocking the paddock. Et cetera and others. We would never have put Tony in the middle of the track during a historic F1 race. We’re not animals, after all.

Moving on, you can re-live his exploits from three years ago by clicking here. I’ve no intention of spinning a yarn for y’all. It’d been signed, sealed & delivered a full 1,095 days earlier.

And we also put together a super mega cool photo gallery for your organs of sight only because many of the competitors from 2018 are going to be present on the grid this year as well.

Go on then, clickety click on this link.

Padsta rocking the streets of Monaco
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