Lewis of Arabia – Fighting for a Better Yesterday


A few months ago we published an open letter to Sir Lewis Hamilton

Regarding his activism… on social media.

Feels like the timing is right to revisit our old post, especially with all the hullabaloo surrounding the 2021 Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. A little Twitter bird told me that a great many self-conscious motorsport fans and journos alike seem to have been pushing for Sir Lewis to boycott the aforementioned event. Really. That would be quite something and a clear breach of his Mercedes contract, one would assume.

But yeah, in this world there are two things I particularly despise: politics and football so I am absolutely the worst person to talk to when it comes to human rights et al.. I don’t even watch telly these days and I spit on social networks/free press and what’s “happening” in the world at the moment. Not terribly au courant, not me. I won’t be getting my knickers in a twist over somebody, allegedly, frying a hamster in Japan or whatever it is that’s trending these days. Ooh, the majesty of hashtag.

If truth be told, I do tend to avoid certain funny countries where local aboriginal peeps can instantly nose out I’m public enemy no. 1 because I don’t adhere to the their anti joie de vivre demagogy. Freedom fries baby, that’s what I like. I don’t wanna emit natural gas from the anus in the street, as I often do here, and having to end up in some medieval jailhouse rock. Farting is an attitude.

But enough of my usual nonsense. It’s a very serious matter this of course and we’re sort of left guessing as to how will Lil’ L & Krew react to these multiple pleas of staying away from the SA GP. That’s Saudi Arabia, not South Africa.

Will LH put his Merc-generated money where his responsible mouth is and do something outrageous or won’t he? Does he have the guts to push in the H(uman)R(ights) ruts. Sometimes flamboyant clothes do not make the man.

So that we’re clear: let’s not hate LH the Formula 1 driver, the guy is being paid to do a job and he delivers every single season no matter what. He only got better with age, eliminating most of his previous mistakes, he’s on it 100%. We should, in all honesty, admire his school of driving thought (if you pardon my kanji ℜ∏Ξ∀): every spring he comes back more motivated than ever and puts the hammer down. It ain’t easy at this level of professional competition. I exclude the fastest car argument from the debate.

Is he qualified enough to substitute the UN, that’s not even a question worth answering. Should F1 race in Saudi Arabia? Liberty can do it just as well as Formula E can do it. I’m not going there tho.

One way or the other, everything we know so far points to the race going ahead regardless. I recently came across an article on Zak Sport dot com where a lady called Chloe Targett-Adams (Rees-Mogg, yes, toasted buttered crumpets please) was quoted as saying F1 is in Jeddah and later at Qaddiya to win it. Chloe – why not Phoebe? – is apparently and I quote “F1’s global head of race promotions”. A handy title.

We’ll be literally burning the midnight oil then.

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