Legacy Photos: Prehistoric/Pre-Iberianmph: Clio Rally


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Hey, I’m Cyril, we’re here at Iberianmph HQ and today I’m gonna talk all things Clio.

This one is no different, I reckon. It’s predominantly from the late noughties for whatever reason, when I was six years old or thereabouts. No, I was a little younger, five and a half in truth.

Let’s crack on with our Prehistoric series then.

So to put it in context, I’ve always loved the second gen Clio, be it the original design or the facelifted model, believe it or not all the way to Clio Storia when it was getting really long in the tooth. It did the job, plus it’s the perfect expression of everything anti-SUV. Gosh, I hate SUVs so much! What a useless type of vehicle.

Bootiful design, timeless

Bootiful design, timeless

Anyways, form a picture of early 2009: Brawn’s winning with JB in F1, no masks, no hand sanitizer, no nothing. I’m like cruising around for a bit of gratuitous entertainment and lo and behold: at a Renault dealership I spot a rally car. On top of that, it’s the right Clio. So I get closer, closer, even closer. I ask the guy if I can take random photos, he says yeah, sure. I took a few pics and off I went.

The car lived there for a coupla more years and in the end it disappeared for good because, as one would expect, the future is electric and sh*t. Can’t have a gas guzzler sitting in plain sight and scaring the hell out of sustainable, responsibly sourced traumatized kids. It’s all rather vegan leather this day and age. Fake or on the verge of being fake. Meh *vomits*.

And yeah, to me, this is what a rally car should be, just nasty looking, pops and bangs on the overrun, you know. No hybrid mumbo-jumboism. Driver and co-driver being thrashed about. Smell the mud on the tip of the hot exhaust. Ah, the best. I poop on sim racing.

Bootiful rear end as well

Bootiful rear end as well

We miss that sort of fun…

Obviously prior to smartphones peeps would take an occasional pic or two but for the most part they’d be, to all intents and purposes, watching and engaging instead of live-streaming all day every day. Look at them now: sad bastards who live their lives online.

So in my book, we’ve gone from actually enjoying life and practicing and preaching joie of de rally vivre to selfies and pitiful #WRC hashtags. Les misérables.

Every time I look at photos this car it reminds me of how things should be. Bring some of that joyful uncomplicatedness back.

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