Legacy Photos (Like $o)


A bit of wintry winter banter really. Yeah.

It’s time for our usual lockdown homemaking of all things digital, new year – new life entirely chez moi. There’s that familiar 2020 feeling of walling in (or walling up?).

As we have just recently discovered – and to our total amazement – Iberianmph is now a decade old! The fatal creation button was pressed on a cold day in December of 2010, and after some initial hesitation one should add.

So what then exactly happened Since 2010™?


Turns out we took way too many photos over the years and started sticking them onto Flickr (see how old we are – most kids these days wouldn’t even know what the heck Flickr is/was). Problem with Flickr is it’s no bueno any more, despite a lof of good and useful stuff that it might offer. As they say, Google Photos to the rescue!

I’m merely announcing here that our old 2010-2015 galleries from Flickr are being migrated; fear not, occasional neurotic visitor, if some of the links in early posts appear to be broken – they’ll be ‘satisfactorily soon’ replaced by new and valid ones: we can fix your O

CD B4 it’s 2 L8. You can has will be able to lay your eyes on some pretty as a picture pretty rare pictures from the 2010s.

Oh and by the way, all 2010 photos are live and ready to be rediscovered at: https://iberianmph.com/2010/

There are some hidden gems out there, such as the best GP3 photobomb on the planet (ever! unmatched and unparagoned! supreme!).

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We can’t slip you the answer, but we are better than average.

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