FIA F2, Thoughts Of A Champion – Mick Schumacher


Interviews by Sergio Álvarez; photos by Diego Merino.

It was widely expected that Mick Schumacher would lift up the drivers’ trophy after his gritty drive-to-survive performance in the Feature Race yesterday.

You gotta give the man a lot of credit though: he made very little mistakes over the season, the team did an amazing job as well, consistent throughout ⇓. Gets you crowned as the 2020 FIA Formula 2 Champion.

How satisfying is that before moving into F1 with HAAS?

We caught up with Mick after the final race in Sakhir to find out what are his feelings and emotions right now.

Q: So Mick, if you had to pick one best moment of the season, what would it be and why?

MickSC: Obviously, I think there is no single best moment of the year. I think everything as whole was an incredible season with ups and downs. You learn through both of them and maybe the downs are a bit more painful but nevertheless you learn from them that’s really what we’ve done this year.

Q: Maybe today was the day?

MickSC: At the end, today we’re champions so I guess I wouldn’t wanna exchange that for anything else. To be honest, I can say I’m satisfied with this year because we won the championship and at the end that’s the goal. It’s not the amount of wins, not the amount of fastest laps, not the amount of poles – it’s to win the championship and that’s the goal for everybody. And we’ve achieved that.

Out of F2 cockpit and into F1 cockpit

Out of F2 cockpit and into F1 cockpit

Q: Now that you’re a multiple champion, how would you describe your own driving style? We know your dad is known for finding those last bits of lap time and being extremely consistent.

MickSC: My own driving style? I think it’s hard to describe it yourself! I guess it’s easier to ask this question to people from the outside but I would say that normally I’m thought-through. I like to make, let’s say, my own strategy, obviously with the team together. You know, do things, control, have a good overview of what is happening. With the flat spot today that was a bit more difficult, my mirrors were flying away nearly so it was hard to see what was happening by me but all in all I would say that I’m quite thought-through, I like to have a good overview of what’s happening around me.

PS He did it his way.

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