Nuestra Charla: 20/09/2020


Whaddup, whaddup, whaddup muchachitas e muchachitos? N Charla is back with a mild bang.

I was sitting today on my porcelain throne, thinking, because that’s what I do – I’m a thinker. I was thinking…

What if AP Chekhov drove a Lambo, which one would he choose? And the answer came to my head almost immediately: Countach! The car’s so dramatic, it’s destined from the start to be driven by dramatists or dramaturgs all around the world, even if that’s not always the case.

My relationship with Lambos – as with Chekhov – has been pretty much non-existent since I can’t afford one, nor would I take one out on a public road even if I could afford it. I know they’re meant to be driven and such, however I’d feel sorry for the car if I had to like park it outside, etc..

Looking at any Lambo is an experience in itself, the lines, the sound out on the track (talking GT here), it makes me wanna lick it in all honesty. It’s unmistakable from every angle, it works in colour and in black and white (as in black and white photography). I love it.

Black and white Lambo, colour pic

Black and white Lambo, colour pic

Zee Germans may have given it a slightly bourgeois makeover, I reckon when it’s too perfect it’s not fun. Horses for courses though.

I found this channel via VINwiki – Awesome source of classic Lambo knowledge.

Lambo-natics (= Lamborghini fanatics), especially for you I delved into my old photos and to my surprise found a bunch of Lambo pics from a decade ago or so.

Bootiful lines, fantastico.

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