FIA F2, Mick Schumacher: Either That Car is Stationary or it’s on the Move


One of the most intriguing characters on the Formula 2 grid is definitely one Mick Schumacher. Although you should know him by now.

The Jr Schu sounds exactly like his dad, while looking more like his mum? It’s kind of confusing for us older guys to see Alesi Jr and Schu Jr on the same grid together, it brings back a lot of memories.

One thing I could never understand, though, is why kids of famous racing drivers want to emulate their parents? Especially if your dad’s record will only be beaten by Hamilton? Then you gotta go all out and try your best to beat Hamilton as well – nearly darn impossible. Damon and Jacques (Gilles’ son, not brother) were incredibly lucky – and also fast, no doubt – in their title-winning years with what was Williams as we knew it; I believe the same goes to them: what’s the mystery motivation that took them to F1 and, well, beyond? I can pick up speed junkie vibes off Damon, mais Jacques – an even bigger mystery, quoi. We interviewed JV last year and he didn’t disappoint, I’m still trying to make sense of his answers. Cracking stuff.

In any case, Mick is a very intelligent and smart individual, I’m always pleasantly surprised by his well-thought-out, clear responses. The guy means business.

Now he’s contending for the title in Formula 2 (he’s sitting pretty in P2 on 143 points, just 6 pts shy of leader Ilott) and quite frankly even if he fails to win it, he should be in F1 next year. Fans will be happy, more so Liberty (I was gonna say Bernie)! And we’ll get to see how he can deal with the pressure of being an Alfer (that’s American for ‘Alfa’) driver or maybe a proper American Alfer with Haas. Perez, with his old Ferrari connections, may be just the ticket for both teams, truth be told.

Sergio (Álvarez of course, not Pérez) asked Mick his sentiments on whether it felt better to win last year in Hungary (Sprint Race) or in Monza this year (Feature Race, the BIG ONE).

MS explained: “Any win is kinda special, nevertheless I think last year it was kind of surprising to win in Budapest, we did not have the pace last year, I think, that Matsushita (who finished in second place) had, he had a pace advantage but we still managed due to track layout and different scenarios to be in front.

Mick is on the mic

Mick is on the mic

“This one (in Monza) I think we’ve really kind of shown that we have the pace, we were staying with Callum (Ilott) easily and extended the run on the option, which shows that we had great potential.

“Obviously we had longer life in the tyre than Callum did so I think considering it this way, I think we were here quite dominant and therefore this one is more special I would say.”


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