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Since I’ve been doing a bit of a digital detox lately, I haven’t really listened to any podcasts or anything like that. The only one that’s been vaguely on my fading radar is F1’s official Beyond the Grid (and also F2: The Road To F1), both coming to you from essentially the same source, Freedom Fries Media.

F2 poddie produced some good ones, like de Vries or Ghiotto; its big brother, F1, is at best okay/average, with Bose and shaving kits getting in way, quite irritating (yikes!). I poop on Bose, to quote Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and shave with a knife, like one should. Alligator Dundee? Most interviewees come across as broken and depressed men and women, while Franz Tost ‘tapes’ will make you wanna blow your brains out. I pity Alpha Male Rosso staff.

The standout episode in 2019 is undoubtedly the latest Bernie Ecclestone podcast, a very cathartic experience in every respect. BE still got it, always had it.

Celebrity coffee?! Bring it on baby!

His ‘more is less” formula looks more attractive to me now than ever. 17-18 races was/is more than enough; but of course what’s ruining the sport is mainly social media. It’s just a load of horse-pucky for 10-year-olds.

Back to BTG, kudos to host TC for making BE talk, unlike the BBC visit to Bernie’s HQ earlier this year; Gow, Noljoy Laperm and Co’s. attempt at chatting with the living God of F1 didn’t cut the mustard at all: they treated him like a crazy old man, which he figured out from the get-go and gave them the same treatment. Probably old TV scores.

These days BE can be seen signing autographs at Goodwood events or taking selfies with Alejo.

Bow before Bernie, average F1 fan.

BE in digital

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