FIA F2: Pic of the Week (07/07)


Today we celebrate Tim O’Glock, pardon, Patricio O’Ward.

When you think of Mexican drivers you generally expect to hear a name like Juan Muchachito or at least Antonio Matagatos. Now O’Ward? Admittedly, I’m not very familiar with the Mexican way of life, we’d need to ask our Mexican correspondent, Diego Merino.

POW (not captain Koons) first burst onto the racing scene in the U.S. of A., driving and convincingly winning in Indy Lights and other lesser known series (I’ve little patience for endurance racing or prototypes, they’re plain boring, excusez-moi).

He went on to produce some great performances in the main IndyCar event and it didn’t take long for the vampire weekend and Red Bull Junior Team (and Senior Team?) advisor, Dr. Helmut O’Marko ja, jawohl, to add the young Mexican to the Austrian fizzy drink’s YD programme at the expense of poor Dan Ticktum.

I’m gonna make a wild bet and suggest POW would’ve been better off pursuing a safer career in the States, in every sense of the wArd #winkwink – the Indy Aeroscreen developed with Red Bull Advanced Technologies (Helmut! He’s everywhere!) is the best a driver can get, along with better chances to earn a living from driving fast cars on cool tracks.

His FIA Formula 2 debut may have been underwhelming on paper, but the Mexican Indy Lights champ was never going to get used to funny Pirelli rubber in 3 laps or so and a bunch of Europeans eating their European food and dancing Schuhplattler.

Felix’s wisdom

I’d like to see POW back in F2, for sure. Amen to that. I’m great.

RED BULL RING, AUSTRIA – JUNE 29: Patricio O’Ward (USA, MP MOTORSPORT) during the Spielberg at Red Bull Ring on June 29, 2019 in Red Bull Ring, Austria. (Photo by Joe Portlock / LAT Images / FIA F2 Championship)

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