Tony “Hall of Fame” Reports from #RacingLegends @ Valencia


Racing Legends & Fun for All


Where – Circuito de Ricardo Tormo, Valencia. When – weekend 2/3 March 2019. What – Over a thousand street cars, racing cars or motorcycles, and even some trucks.

This is my second attendance at this event and it just keeps getting better for all those who participate either on track racing on four wheels, or two or just being there as a spectator to enjoy all the fun.

The organisers made sure there was something for everybody, whether it be a two year old child, mum and dad or a serious race fan. The paddock was full, bouncy castles, food and beverage tents or trucks, racing merchandise stands and even the odd celebrity on hand to sign autographs or take a ‘selfie’.

In 1999 the circuit Ricardo Tormo was completed and ready for its inaugural motogp. The race was won by Régis Laconi riding a 500cc Yamaha. For this Racing Legend event Régis was at the track and took part in the opening of ‘The Walk of Fame’ at the entrance to the circuit. Iberianmph was there to witness this first historic event and watched as Regis sunk his hands in the wet cement. I am sure we will see more famous names being selected for this honour.

On track events were as to be expected – a group of enthusiast riders and drivers pushing their machines as fast as both machine and rider/driver could handle. As the name of the event implies this was for the Legends and there were no hybrids or electric vehicles out on track, just noisy, fast and smelly racing cars and bikes.

Now I kid you not. Some of the participants of this event were receiving their pensions and even had hip or knee replacements but they were ready to race. They had travelled from all over Europe to participate.

Hopefully my story for this particular event can be told by my pictures. Enjoy…..and of course, thanks again to Pablo and the organisers at The Circuito de Ricardo Tormo.

Coming very soon from will be Ferrari Challenge Cup event and in April Euro NASCAR where Iberianmph hopes to meet up with Jacques Villeneuve former Formula One World Champion 1997 driving for Williams.

Please now click HERE to check out my photo gallery from this event.


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