Birds Can’t Fly in the Rain, or #Dakar2018 from the Sofa (by Paolo the Ferrarista’s Iberian Cousin)


I’m divided between cross country rallies and “normal” rallies, if you can call something like WRC driving normal! It’s raving mad at least. But this year’s edition of Dakar managed to capture my imagination while I was comfortably positioned on the sofa, a can of Red Bull Cola in my hand.

Social media without question makes our lives easier when it comes to events like Dakar: it’s all online these days. They’re all tweeting, there’s end of the day video, live video or live feed of some sort. You can like, retweet of send a tweet into space and back.

But #Dakar2018 was more than that: you had drama, drama, and more drama. I could barely keep up with all the shenanigans!

A good motor race needs bitter rivalry: Dakar didn’t lack in that department. Toyota’s four-wheel drive vs Peugeot’s two-wheel drive; helpless Mini; a bunch of legends in the cars. Sainz, Peterhansel, Al-Attiyah, Loeb, my homie Mikko Hirvonen.

Add breathtaking scenery and tricky dunes section to the mix, and your Patagonian pancake party just can’t get any better!

I’m not insane to actually go and see the rally, it’s also pretty expensive. I was testing it on myself if I were the average sports fan.

The sofa is my territory, I want to be entertained. I want bread, I want circuses. Dakar offers the perfect formula for someone like me.

I think Formula 1 can learn from Dakar: you gotta engage with the fans, but like for real. Open it up a bit, despite historically being a very elitist sport. Create more drama, better circuits to race on.

After all, the route matters!

PS Let us also congratulate the Heavy Foot Iberian Rocket aka Carlos Sainz on his landmark Dakar win in 2018. Grande Carlos, el matador más matador de Dakar!

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