Good Question with ‘Hall of Fame’ – Q&A with Felix Rosenqvist on Formula E


Interview with Felix Rosenqvist

FIA Formula E Team Mahindra Racing

Tony managed to catch up with Felix in his Mahindra garage during Formula E testing at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo, Valencia.

Tony Hall: Felix, good to see you here in Valencia. How are you feeling after your first drive in the car today?

Felix Rosenqvist: Yes, it feels good so far. It’s a completely new car with lots of new parts so it’s about running everything in today to make sure all is working okay. It’s quite a relaxed day so we are taking it slowly.

TH: How do you compare driving a Formula E car to your time driving in other formulas, such as Formula 3 euro series, IndyLights, DTM or GT racing?

FR: It’s a different challenge, a different sport, not really because of the engine but just the way the race weekend format is, it’s very short, everything is done in just one day. We have very tight street circuits which are quite different to what we are used to. It’s a bit like comparing  the games of football and tennis, it’s two different sports. On the electrical side, it’s just another engine. It’s a very good engine because it does whatever you ask of it, unfortunately the car is quite heavy and that is probably the biggest downside at the moment with the electric cars. However they are fun to drive and they are not slow especially on the street circuits we race. I enjoy it very much.

TH: What is the weight of the current Formula E car?

FR: I think 880 kg with driver.

TH: I have heard that next year there will be a new car with a longer lasting battery and therefore drivers will no longer need to change cars during a race. Will that be better for drivers?

FR: Yes, for sure. Next year there will be a new car and new bodywork. It will look quite different.

TH: Where do you see yourself in a couple of years’ time?

FR: I think it will all depend on how the sport changes, obviously we all want to go to Formula One and maybe there will be an opportunity, you never know. Apart from that, I am happy to be in Formula E because it’s interesting to be here at the moment and to see what’s going to happen in the next year or so. I’m also driving in the Super Formula in Japan which is the quickest car outside Formula One. It also keeps me fit and busy. I think I’m in a good position at the moment.

TH: How do you get on with your team-mate, Nick Heidfeld?

FR: Good, very good. Last year was nice, in the beginning we had some good fights on the track and then we started working together and we were then the most successful driver line up and team in the whole field. It’s been good working with him.

TH: Thank you Felix. On behalf of we hope you have a successful test this week here at Valencia and good luck in all your racing.

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