Mid-spring Afternoon’s Dream Sequence


Miguel Ramos as Theseus.

Roldán Rodríguez as Philostrate.

Fernando Monje as Lysander.

Gustavo Yacamán as Egeus.

Cars #1 and #2 as Spirits 1 and 2.

Sony camera as Sony camera.

iberianmph.com crew is really fond of many different pit lanes around the Iberian Peninsula, we prefer to roam one whenever we can or get an opportunity do so. This time the magic opportunity presented itself – once again – at the sunny Estoril (for real) on Sunday. Teo Martín Motorsport GT Open team opened their garage doors for us and we gladly got inside (plus the camera)!

Don’t believe those journos who insist races are much better enjoyed from the grandstands. It’s partly true, that’s why every circuit has grandstands, that’s why we love a good crowd on race day. Tifosi and aficionados are waving their flags while decorating the floor with empty beer cans and screaming something inaudible which can only be heard at an F1 race, purely because they’re so silent these days. GT Open vehicles will drown out even bigger groups of tifosi, a bonus.

Grandstands have been a major part of our lives, it’s true. We like to socialize in the grandstands with the other victims of motor racing disease. Having said that, the victims in the garage get a much better view of the race and lap times.

It’s like the Bolshoi theatre, people. It’s like Shakespeare has risen from the dead and he has Dostoesky by his side, and they’re working together on a mighty screenplay. This being BMW Teo Martín Motorsport, you can add Goethe to the mix.

The race starts with GY and RR at the wheel of #2 and #1 respectively. MR and FM are waiting in the garage, the mechanics are glued to the time screens. Drivers are then starting to warm up and are nervously pacing around the garage waiting for their turn to drive. A gradual crescendo is building up. Everyone is ready for the driver change.

MR is first to go: RR tears through the pit lane (TMM are placed at the very end of the pit road) and jumps out of the BMW. MR gets in, gets going and then stops on the run down towards turn 5 with gearbox issues. Drama! Everyone is visibly disappointed. That’s racing. That’s the challenge, that’s the reality. Got to try next time. RR is not a happy camper of course. He keeps it under control, no throwing helmets against the garage walls or violent tweets. Respect, the guy’s a pro.

The car #2 is still in the race though. There’s a chance to get some points on the board and maybe hope for something even bigger. GY leaves the car, mechanics change tyres (it happens pretty fast, just as you’d expect – great show for the senses!) and FM stands on the gas. GY and RR exchange a few words while studying FM’s lap times. P6 in the end. Valuable points.

Podium would’ve been better. We know!

MR is back in the garage and he says all he wanted was a chance to get his racing overalls dirty. Not at his home race unfortunately.

We gently leave the garage and the curtain falls on the 2016 edition of GT Open at the Circuito do Estoril.

Time to tweet now, that’s what Bill Shakespeare would certainly do back in the day.

The show was good and it will go on in Spa.

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