Yer Fav Iberian Uncle Rocks International Classic Grand Prix


It’s been a long, long, long time since yer favourite Iberian uncle rocked the MotoGP paddock, almost five years to be exact.

Time flies.

Do I need to tell you those were the different times. All the riders studied rules of verse and all those journos they rolled their eyes. Or at least that’s what I think they were doing.

Anyhow, MotoGP no longer visits Portugal… For sure, we keep praying for Portugal – use #prayforportugal – but there’s still no sign of MotoGP, y’know.

And then this happens:

Yer favourite Iberian uncle generally doesn’t need an invitation to the “the Nr one” event “in Classic Racing on the world scene” – he invites himself with a little help from $$$.

The aforementioned event, ICGP, strives to “recreate 1970s motorbike GP atmosphere with bikes between 250 and 350 from 1974 to 1984” and is kind of like the MotoGP of classic racing, the pinnacle of historic motorbike racing as they say – sounds gr8. I’ll have what they’re drinking.

I wasn’t around in the 1970s meaning I was presented with a perfect opportunity to take a good look at the bad hair politically incorrect monsters of prog rock.

They didn’t disappoint: the roar was really awesome, classic liveries looked gorgeous under the hot Sintra sun – and racing was pretty aggressive but not too much, enough not to crash.

Please now take a few hours to enjoy my gallery on Flickr by clicking HERE.

Results: Race 1 and Race 2. CN Open.

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