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Like Christus venit, GP3 is slowly but surely venit and is about to begin its 6th season in Barcelona “on 08-10 May”.

In human years that’s not much – but if you count dog years or Formula 1 years… I guess the word “veteran” springs to mind. Although you can’t really afford to be a veteran in GP3 or GP2 because this can mean one of the two following things: you’re either crazy in love with the series or your natural raw speed is only good enough for Uber.

Everybody’s favourite Iberian uncle (and also your humble servant) never misses an opportunity to check out GP3 pre-season testing at his backyard, Estoril.

I simply had to pay and did pay a quick visit to the circuit in March and I definitely wasn’t disappointed with what I saw and heard: there’s an explosion of colour when it comes to car liveries and helmet designs. Driver line-up is the best it’s ever been with some strong contenders (as our N1 interviewee, Didier P. has pointed out). The cars sound and look quite aggressive, which is important for a good race car (no major updates for 2015, just a tiny new winglet on the front wing). These are pure classic racing machines, no gimmicks or trickery.

GP3 is a great show, totally worth the $$$. Make sure you catch it live someday.

It would be pretty safe to bet on experience to win in 2015, however the new (softer) tyre compound may as well eliminate that factor.

A rookie for the title! That’s what I’m saying.

Please now take a few light years to enjoy my gallery from the test by clicking HERE.

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